What should I understand about your guns (firearms) auctions and policies? What are the rules?


* We do not know how many rounds have been fired unless it is stated in the Auction.

* The Auction is for everything pictured, if it is not pictured -- then we do not have it. Request for additional pictures may take awhile. Getting close up pictures with detail and clarity is not possible with our current equipment. We generally do not take firearms apart to take pictures of them.

* Shipping. The shipping cost is fixed and stated in the auction. We do not have free shipping. If you have a question about shipping, please ask. We will only ship Firearms through USPS Priority Mail. We ship all Firearms Insured with Delivery Confirmation. CREDIT CARDS TAKE 3 DAYS TO PROCESS, AND CHECKS ARE THE SAME.

If a FFL is required, you will need to make arrangements with your local FFL Dealer. We do not set up your arrangements. Their FFL license can be mailed to the address above or Faxed to 541-772-8183 or e-Mailed to office@legendaryarmstradingpost.com. Please include the AUCTION NUMBER or SKU NUMBER with the license, a current date and a signature. If we receive a FFL with no way to identify the gun or the auction, we can NOT use it. Please add the info.

* Timing and Your Questions. We are only open weekdays, so answering questions posted on weekends may have to wait until Monday, unless we know the answer without looking at the Firearm. Questions after 5 PM Pacific Time on weekdays will have to wait until the following morning. Please send your questions through the Gun Broker Auction that you are interested in and we will know which gun the question is concerning.

* Payment. We can take Visa, Master Card, and Discover card only. If payment is made by Credit Card, understand that we charge a 3% fee on cards that we take over the phone. We also accept Money Orders and Certified Checks. If sending a personal check, it must clear our bank before we ship.


* In-Shop Guns. Firearms on auction are also available for purchase directly in our Shop. When a Firearm is bid on, it will be removed from our Shop inventory and no longer available for sale at the Shop. If the Firearm is sold in the shop the auction will be ended immediately. Occasionally a gun in the shop is not on Gun Broker (or hasn't made it yet). We strive to list as quickly as possible.

* FFL. If you win an Auction, then we will E-Mail you a form letter with instructions and our information. We will accept appropriate Faxed, E-Mailed or Mailed FFLs. We will not arrange your transfer with your dealer, although we will help you to do this as requested. We do not have time to get involved in this unnecessary step being required by some other dealers (sorry).

* Lay-away. We offer a 45-day layaway, with 1/3 down that must be paid within the first 2 weeks of winning the auction. The second payment must be paid within the following 20 days. The final payment must be made before the 45 days is up. IF YOU BACK OUT, WE KEEP YOUR FIRST PAYMENT AS A RESTOCKING FEE. IF YOU DO NOT PAY AT ALL, YOU WILL BE PLACED AS A NON-PAYING BIDDER AND BE BLOCKED FROM OUR AUCTIONS. YOU CAN PAY BY CARD (3% FEE) OR BY CHECK.


* Trades. We are not interested in any ONLINE trades. Questions concerning online trades will be ignored.

* Offers. We appreciate reasonable offers. We may accept any good offer on any gun in any auction.

* Relisting. All of our auctions automatically relist if unsold. We try to get back to them from time to time to see if we can lower the starting bid.


* Correspondence. All correspondence MUST address the AUCTION NUMBER or the SKU NUMBER. When we receive a FFL without an AUCTION NUMBER or SKU NUMBER, we cannot positively identify the Firearm. We cannot search sold Firearms on Gun Broker by your name or by Firearm make and model.

* Amount Due. The total amount due will be your winning bid price plus the fixed shipping amount listed in your auction. Remember to add 3% if paying by Credit Card.

* Contact. We will E-Mail you a form letter with our information on it. The letter will contain our FFL information. You and your FFL dealer will need to arrange to get a copy of their FFL to us. Please do not ask us to do your dealer's work. Your dealer is getting paid to do this and we really do not have the time.

* Payment. We accept Money Orders , Certified Checks, and Personal Checks. We can take Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card. We charge 3% on Cards. Your Card receipt will state "Legendary Arms". Your card receipt will be shipped with the Firearm.

* Shipping. We will notify you by E-mail when the Firearm is shipped. We generally do NOT e-mail each purchaser when we receive their payment and again when we receive their FFL. We do notify if we do not receive them.


* We are not open on weekends and we have a block on Saturday mail delivery.

* Damage Claims. Please have your Dealer take pictures of any packages received that show any sign of shipping damage BEFORE opening. If you receive the package damaged, then YOU are responsible for processing the claim. We will send you copies of our shipping receipt.

* We are NOT a Pawn Shop - but We ARE a Gun Shop.

* We do not work on, fix, repair, or alter firearms. We are a Gun Shop. We generally do not take firearms apart to take pictures of them. We Buy, Sell, Trade and Save You Money. We also offer transfer services at a fair rate.

* We maintain an A+ rating on Gun Broker Auctions

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