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Our inventory of firearms changes quickly - daily. We have a good selection and variety of quality firearms. Our inventory comes from walk-in sellers, auctions, estates and trades. Most of our inventory is used or new old stock firearms; although we do have new current production firearms. We also have a solid selection of ammunition including some rare and collectable. For your convenience we list our available in-house stock of guns through gun broker - you can view them below:

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We are familiar with most firearm brands ~ including some extremely unique ones. Some of the known common gun brands we've come across are 556 Tactical, Accurate Armory, Arctiier, ADC, Adcor Defense, Arsenal, AEK, Bb, Baikal, BCM, Benelli, Beretta, Bersa, Blaser, Browning, B&T, Bushmaster, Chiappa, CVA, CZ, Colt, Daniel Defense, Davide Pedersoli & C., FN, Glock, Haenel, Heckler & Koch, Henry, Horizon Firearms, Ithaca, IWI, IZh [N1], Kel-Tec, Kimber, Lazzeroni, Mauser, McWhorter Rifles, Mossberg, MP, MTs, OTs, Panther Arms, Patriot Ordnance Factory, Proarms, Remington, Ruger, Seekins Precision, S&T Motiv, S&W, Savage, SCCY, Seraphim Armoury (SA), SIG Sauer, Springfield (historical), Springfield (present), SR, Steyr, STI International, Taurus, TOZ, UWS, Walther Arms, Weatherby, Winchester, and Zastava Arms.

Obviously, this short list of common firearm brands we're familiar with does not include the many private gun smiths out there. There is a vast range in the quality, knowledge and service of gun smiths. While we do not work on, fix, repair, or alter firearms - we are happy to refer you to gun smiths that our clients have had success with.

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